Our Dogs

We run The Canine Society as a family. Some of us live in Gilbert, AZ and some of us live in Huntington Beach, CA. Below are all of the parents between our two families. Our breeding dogs are our pets and family members. Their puppies are handled with great care and love in our homes. We will hand deliver puppies born in Arizona to Southern California and visa versa.


All of our dogs in our breeding program have been health tested to ensure quality genetics for our puppies.




F1 Pyredoodle

Luna is our fluffy polar bear. She inherited the Pyrenees trait of being calm and regal, along with her high intelligence thanks to her Poodle side. Kids love Luna for her gentle and kind nature.


Check out Luna's DNA results here 



Purebred Great Pyrenees

Nanook is 85 pounds and is Freya’s sister. Nanook is slightly more blocky and shorter than her sister. Her personality is very similar to her sister and is just calm, easy to please, and pretty content hanging out. She had her first litter April 2020.

Check out Nanook's DNA results here



AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

We are so excited to have Ripley in our program! She is so sweet and smart. We love that beautiful Bernese coloring and her future puppies will be gorgeous.

OFA  heart normal

OFA elbows good

OFA hips good

Check out Ripley's DNA results here



F2 Bernedoodle

Lucy is a doll and her personality is a lot like Harley; fun-loving, energetic, sweet, and tender. She passionately loves her people.

Check out Lucy's DNA results here



Purebred Great Pyrenees

Freya is as sweet as she is beautiful. She was the mom of our last Pyredoodle litter who have proven to be amazing puppies and are low shedding with calm, even temperaments. Freya weighs 80 pounds.

Check out Freya's DNA results here



AKC Golden Retreiver

Penny is a classic Golden Retriever, meaning she LOVES to play fetch and loves to be around people. Her dark, red coat is beautiful and we can't wait to see some red, teddy bear doodles from her in the future.

Check out Penny's DNA results here



F1b Bernedoodle

We love having Maggie around! She loves being around other dogs and getting to play with them. She is such a goofball and loves all the belly rubs. Maggie's coat is extra soft, non-shedding, with beautiful coloring.

OFA eyes normal

Check out Maggie's DNA results here



F1 Bernedoodle

Harley had 11 puppies in her first litter. She produced tri-color, phantom, and sable puppies. Her puppies have great energy and enjoy the outdoors as much as they love being inside, just like their mama. Harley is a fun-loving, energetic member of the family. She is a smaller Bernedoodle and weighs 48/50 pounds.

Check out Harley's DNA results here




F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Charlie is a ball of fluff! With great genetics and health history, Charlie is a fabulous addition to our breeding program. We are so happy to have his playful energy and loving spirit.

OFA eyes normal

Check out Charlie's DNA results through Embark here and through Paw Print Genetics here



AKC Standard Poodle

Bowie is a smart, regal guy who has a steady personality. He is 60 pounds of beauty. He’s been the stud for all of our litters thus far and has proven to produce amazing litters. We love this handsome dude!

Genetically clear for Von Willebrand Disease Type I, Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Gangliosidosis, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), Neonatal Encephalopathy, Osteochondrodysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease and 172 other genetic conditions.

OFA heart normal

OFA elbows good

OFA hips good

Check out Bowie's DNA results here

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