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Breeding Done Right

Why Our Breeding Program Is The Best

Health Testing

All of our dogs are DNA tested to look for markers of disease, the most ideal traits and to confirm breeding lines and diversity. This has been done through Embark as well as Paw Print Genetics. We are also going through the process to implement OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) physical testing for current and future breeding dams and sires.


We use a step by step program to raise our puppies to be empowered, healthy and confident in their abilities. From the time they are born they are correctly exposed to age appropriate stimulus that we adjust based on their responses. This creates better adjusted, trainable companions that have the potential to be placed in therapy and service dog training.

"Badass Breeder" Evaluator

We do a temperament test at 7 weeks old and provide that for every puppy. Each potential owner will have access to the video and the results of these tests before deciding which puppy will be theirs to take home at 8 weeks old. We do this evaluation to ensure the most success for our families, matching them with the puppy that exhibits traits that fit their lifestyle.

Family raised

Our dogs are first and foremost our family members. They are raised in our homes or with guardians who we keep in close contact with. Our main goal in our program is to cultivate the best traits in our breeds for family and individual companions.

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A Bit of Background

The Canine Society is a top quality Dog Breeder based in Huntington Beach, CA and Gilbert, AZ. Starting with a love for Bernedoodles, we created our breeding program to help others find exceptional dogs with our high standards of preparing puppies for their furever homes. We believe that the moments from when a puppy is born until they end up in your arms are critical in cultivating a well-rounded and trainable dog. Through being GoodDog approved and using "Badass Breeder" curriculum to raise puppies, the Canine Society implements the best puppy protocols (along with lots of extra loves and snuggles!) to insure that your puppy is ready for the big, new world. All of our dogs in our breeding program have been health tested to ensure high quality genetics are paired and passed on to create healthy and gorgeous puppies.

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